from Anne Young [Email address: Argyle_Anne #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]

I thought you’d want to know that our efforts at the hearing last night
were successful!  The ZAP voted unanimously in opposition to the
rezoning, and the applicant formally withdrew his request with the City
this morning.  Wa-hoo!!!

from John Keohane [Email address: keohane #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]

Just a short note to thank 23 people who voted and/or testified to protect
Thanks to the executive committee of the Allandale Neighborhood
Association, which voted 10-0 (one member was absent on business) at the meeting
July 26.
Thanks to Berkeley Bettis, Tim Fackler, and Anne Young, all close
neighbors, who testified against the proposed rezoning, as well as Jim
Hendricks, who read a letter from his mother who was not able to attend the
hearing on Tuesday, August 1.
Thanks to all nine commissioners, members of the Zoning and Platting
Commission of the City of Austin, who voted against this proposed rezoning, at
that meeting.
Basically, the proposed rezoning would have changed zoning on the eastern
2/3 (back portion) of 5513 Montview, from single family to commercial.  That lot
is on the eastern frontier of Allandale.  It backs to a lot, zoned
commercial, on Burnet Road. 
An opinion, which I share, is that this would have been a big encrouchment
on the residential integrity of Allandale.  When Anne Young, in her testimony,
mentioned that the zoning chair for Allandale was at the meeting, I silently
raised and waved my hand.  Those who know me, know that that was incredible
speechlessness from me.

So thank you, all 23 of you.
Allandale may still need residents at another meeting at city hall.  The
applicant can appeal this 9-0 decision of zoning and platting to our city
council.  We may once again, be looking for neighbors to attend, this time a
council meeting, and then a majority of the council, to vote for
But I really appreciate what the executive committee of ANA did last week,
what those testifying and those on the commission did last night.  Special
thanks goes to all of you.
Thank you!
–John Keohane
Zoning Chairman for the Allandale Neighborhood Association