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Joyce_basciano_president_monac_71806I. Call to Order 6:37 pm

Joyce Basciano,
President of MoNAC, called the meeting to order and asked everyone in the room
to introduce themselves and state their neighborhood affiliation.

II. Approval of the January 17, 2006 minutes

Tom Whatley
motioned to approve the minutes. Frances Allen
seconded the motion. All voted in

III. Announcements

Thanks to
Highland Park West Balcones Area Neighborhood Association for hosting the MoNAC

North Shoal
Creek Neighborhood Association has joined MoNAC. Meredith Highsmith is the President of North
Shoal Creek NA whose boundaries are MoPAC to Burnet Rd and Anderson Ln
to 183.

Capital Metro
is having a series of meetings on train station design concepts. Howard/Lakeline/Braker Station meeting is
July 22 2006, 9-11am, The Commons Center @ UT Pickle 10100 Burnet Rd Bldg 137.  The Lamar/Highland Mall Station meeting is
July 25 2006, 6:30-8:30pm Norris Conference Center @ Northcross Mall 2525 W
Anderson Ln.

There have
been three meetings this month concerning design concepts for the North
Burnet/Gateway area held by City of Austin planners and Land Design Studios, as well as other consultants. The meetings are held at the Holiday Inn,
MoPAC/183. The Thursday evening meetings
have been informational. The Saturday
meeting had about 45 participants representing different areas of Austin,
which were broken up into six groups. At
the end of the day, each group came up with a design for what they would like
to see happen in the North Burnet/Gateway area. This is just the beginning phase for this area. There will be more meetings and input before
this is presented to the city council. Frances Allen, Joyce Basciano, Sylvia Benini, and Kay Newell represented MoNAC and their respective Neighborhood Associations.

North Burnet/Gateway website –

Corridor Project Update presented by the Loop 1 Study Project Team
John Kelly,
DMJM Harris and Mark Herber, TxDOT

John_kelly_dmjm_harris_marke_herber_txdoThe sample sound walls are a couple of months behind
schedule. The funding for the sample
sound walls may have to come from TxDOT’s next fiscal year, which begins in
September. The 3-D computer modeling is
almost finished and will be a part of the overall environmental study. By the fall of 2006, they should have a
better understanding of where the study stands. In 4-6 weeks the Aesthetics Advisory Committee will begin. This committee will be lead by John Kelly and
will be broadly representative of Austin Loop 1 corridor users. They are taking the previous MoPAC studies
and updating them with current information, making sure every aspect meets
CAMPO, FHWA and NEPA guidelines. Also
part of the Phase 1 study will be one managed lane in each direction. South of 2222 part of the ROW will involve
sharing Union Pacific’s ROW. Preliminary
discussions are under way with Union Pacific’s San Antonio Regional Area
office. Consideration is being given to
ASA Intermunicipal Rail District plans, so as to not interfere with ASA’s plans
for the Union Pacific tracks. TxDOT and
DMJM Harris will be holding two Open Houses in September, potential dates Sept
19 & 21, location to be decided at a later date. Follow-up Open Houses will be in Dec. TxDOT/DMJM will be presenting an
informational briefing to CAMPO on Aug 14.

A brief introduction to the Loop 1 study was
presented to the CAMPO Technical Advisory Committee on June 28th. TxDOT/DMJM are developing a website which
should be online in late summer. Noise
Education Forums will begin in October for property owners whose property backs
into the MoPAC ROW.

The Hill Group is
starting a random telephone survey of users of the Loop 1 corridor. They will be placing 600
calls, looking for input on corridor uses and concerns. The general feedback from the one-on-one
surveys has been positive. The earliest
start date for the sound walls is 2008 assuming funding is in place. Per CAMPO guidelines, no additional ROW will
be taken from the neighborhoods – but rather Loop 1 will
share ROW with Union Pacific. The walls
will be concrete with noise mitigation & anti-graffiti coatings. TxDOT sound wall standards are higher than
Federal standards. The sound walls will
be funded 80% Federal dollars and 20% State dollars; no city funds will be
involved. The walls will be between 183
and the 1st/5th street interchange.

sound wall section along Great Northern is the only section that won’t involve
the TxDOT ROW. Since TxDOT’s ROW is west
of Union Pacific, TxDOT/DMJM will work with the city to have the walls placed
on city ROW which is east of Union Pacific. The sound walls are noise barriers, which will help mitigate but not
eliminate train noise. The Governor’s
office has started an initiative to move through-freight out of Texas cities, beginning with Austin and San

V. ASA Intermunicipal
Commuter Rail District update presented by Alison Schulze

Alison_schulze_asa_railThe feasibility study conducted in 1999 shows that a
commuter rail is both reasonable and feasible for the district. In 2002 the Austin San Antonio Intermunicipal
Rail district was established by the legislature, it has no taxing
authority. ASA is completing an
alternatives analysis study of the 100 miles from Georgetown
– starting at the abandoned MoKAN site, and continuing to south San Antonio. The
Governor’s rail initiative will move through-freight east of Austin by 2010, possibly near SH130. Through-freight comprises 75-80% of the trains on Union Pacific’s lines
in Austin. The remaining freight trains, considered
local freight, and Amtrak would share the Union Pacific lines in Austin with ASA.

ASA now has to define its
ridership for the express and local trains. Potential future stations, including one @ 35th
  St are under discussion. Carter Burgess consultant’s 2005 study
recommends 2 kiss and rides, 3 bus bays and 90 parking spaces for the proposed
station at 35th St and MoPac. The proposed parking would be in the TxDOT parking lot by 35th St. This will depend on TxDOT leasing or selling their Jackson Avenue campus
(Camp Hubbard), which at this point is not a given.

The State School, Camp Mabry and 2222 have been ruled out as
potential station sites. Based
on the 2004 feasibility study by Texas Perspectives, Inc the projected
ridership will be 3.2 million riders per year. A macro study – growth in per capita income & growth in tax base, as
well as a micro study showing impact within 1/4 mile of each station are being
conducted. There is no prototype
station; each will meet the design requirements of the area without threatening
the adjoining neighborhoods. The ASA
2006 objectives are to reach an agreement with Union Pacific, complete the
environmental process, and to determine funding – capital, operation costs, and
main costs. The projected plan shows a
start date of 2010-2012.

For additional information, please see the following:

VI. Adjourn
Frances Allen
motioned to adjourn
Kay Newell seconded in the motion
All in favor
Joyce Basciano
adjourned the meeting.