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Based on recent articles in the Austin Business Journal  (Proposed Walgreens Threatens 53-year old Frisco Restaurant)  and the Austin Chronicle (Food-o-File), long time Frisco restaurant (see history) and Kids Acting Studio may be replaced with a Walgreens. This has generated angst from a number of folks in the Allandale and Brentwood neighborhoods, as well as from patrons of those establishments who don’t want to see another piece of the longstanding beloved and familiar replaced with the too familiar. As one Allandale resident put it, "I’m outraged about Walgreen’s replacing the Nighthawk- they have the best
breakfasts anywhere."

The developer, The Place Community Real Estate (same one’s responsible for
the Walgreen’s thatFrisco_1
moving over Maria’s Taco Express in S. Austin) plans to take over the
lot at the corner of Burnet and Koenig.  The  ABJ article suggests
Frisco is not putting up a fight, however The Kids Acting Studio and
Freedom Auto Sales, which occupy the corner lot, are not ready to throw
in the towel. Looks as if it’s not a done deal. All of the property
owners have not agreed to sale or the leasees agreed to move out. If
you want to express your support or concern, here’s  link to the
Deerfield, Ill.-based Walgreen Co web site or call
(847) 940-2500.