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I spoke with Julia Akin, President of The Frisco Shop, on Friday about Walgreen’s intentions to purchase the corner property at Burnet and Koenig. She confirmed that negotiations are underway and is encouraged. Frisco’s recently met with the broker and everything appears to moving along as planned. For Frisco, it’s good news.

Julia said they will likely open up in another location, one that will
better accommodate their needs. The current building which they have
been in for 53 years is no longer well suited for their operations. It needs
updating. Julia sees the prospective sale of the property as a win-win.
It’s currrently owned by two elderly sisters from Seguin who no longer
have an interest in the property and need to sell it. She says
Walgreens has been very good to work with and indicated their
willigness to meet with the neighborhood to discuss their plans. The
recent press about the sale has caused problems for Frisco, both in
terms of employees who fear being out of job sometime soon and loyal
patrons who fear the restaurant is closing altogether. The
fact is, Julia said they are probably a year away from any change occurring. More to come.