cool!" was my wife’s reaction when we first walked into Blue Star
Cafeteria in  Rosedale Village for dinner on a recent Friday night. The
exterior really didn’t clue us into the contemporary  interior. It’s
certainly not the  serve-yourself-pay-the-cashier type of cafeteria
that I’m used to – and that’s a good thing. I’ve never found
Chicken-Fried Quail or Waldorf Chopped Spinach Salad at a cafeteria.
Both, by the way, were very tasty. These are the kinds of out-of-the
ordinary dishes you can expect to find at Blue Star.

The upscale diner-like restaurant has been open a little over 4 weeks now and is doing well.Blue_star_logo
Eddie Bernal, the owner (pictured above), is very pleased with how well
it has been received. He has yet to advertise but business is already
exceeding his expectations. He wanted to keep the opening low key
intentionally to give the restaurant time to establish its rhythm. 

met with Eddie at the restaurnt at 2:30 on a hot Sunday afternoon and
was surprised to see the place almost full. Eddie has been in the
restaurant business nearly 25 years. Blue Star Cafeteria is now his
third restaurant. He also owns 34th Street Cafe and Santa Rita Cantina
in the 26 Doors Shopping Center. Prior to opening his own restaurant,
Eddie was the general  manager of Granite Cafe for 5 years and involved
in other local restaurants like Z-Tejas and Hyde Park Bar and grill
before that. He has been in Austin since 1984. Four years ago he moved
into Allandale and has a house on Shoalmont.

Eddie was originally approached by the landlord of the Rosedale
Village to open a restaurant. This was 3 years ago even before he had
opened the Santa Rita Cantina. The basic idea for theBlue_star_011_1
menu is upscale comfort food. Blue Star is different however from the
other comfort food restaurants in Austin like Threadgills, Hoovers,
and Hyde Park Bar and Grill. You  don’t find items like boursin cheese grits or
smoked trout salad on their menus. He also prides himself in his wine
and beer selection – has my local favorite, Full Moon Rye Ale,  and has a coffee bar (take a look at that handsome cappuccino
maker). You’ll find pizzas, pasta dishes, 3 types of hamburgers,
salads, sandwiches and desserts like Toll House pie. It’s not a large
menu but one that gives you plenty of choice.

Eddie is not quite ready to sit back and declare it’s finished. He
says he listening to customers and  making plans on a few menu changes.
Blue Star Cafeteria is a welcomed addition to the area,  offering those
of us in Allandale a good dining destination that is nearby.