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Walgreens Update

Walgreens_1submitted by Tom Linehan

I spoke with Julia Akin, President of The Frisco Shop, on Friday about Walgreen’s intentions to purchase the corner property at Burnet and Koenig. She confirmed that negotiations are underway and is encouraged. Frisco’s recently met with the broker and everything appears to moving along as planned. For Frisco, it’s good news.

Frisco or Walgreens

Walgreen_2submitted by Tom Linehan

Based on recent articles in the Austin Business Journal  (Proposed Walgreens Threatens 53-year old Frisco Restaurant)  and the Austin Chronicle (Food-o-File), long time Frisco restaurant (see history) and Kids Acting Studio may be replaced with a Walgreens. This has generated angst from a number of folks in the Allandale and Brentwood neighborhoods, as well as from patrons of those establishments who don’t want to see another piece of the longstanding beloved and familiar replaced with the too familiar. As one Allandale resident put it, "I’m outraged about Walgreen’s replacing the Nighthawk- they have the best
breakfasts anywhere."

Shoal Creek Greenbelt Needs Our Help!

Ball_mosssubmitted by Leslie Christensen

The Shoal Creek Greenbelt in the Allandale neighborhood
needs our help. Please come to the
September 27th meeting of the neighborhood association and let us know if you
think this is a priority the association should spend money on. Also come if
you would like to help with volunteer work necessary to get things done
there. It’s our greenbelt and we are the
only ones who can do something with it. How about it? Will you?

Are You Ready for Some Football!!

Breaking_through_1submitted by Tom Davis

Yes, folks,
football season is quickly approaching, and the McCallum High Football Booster
Club is gearing up for the upcoming year.

The Booster
Club had their initial meeting July 26, where Head Coach Pat Honeycutt introduced
McCallum’s new Defensive Coordinator, Pete Solana. He has been coaching for 17 years, with his
most recent role as Defensive Coordinator at Pflugerville Hendrickson. 

Blue Star Cafeteria

cool!" was my wife’s reaction when we first walked into Blue Star
Cafeteria in  Rosedale Village for dinner on a recent Friday night. The
exterior really didn’t clue us into the contemporary  interior. It’s
certainly not the  serve-yourself-pay-the-cashier type of cafeteria
that I’m used to – and that’s a good thing. I’ve never found
Chicken-Fried Quail or Waldorf Chopped Spinach Salad at a cafeteria.
Both, by the way, were very tasty. These are the kinds of out-of-the
ordinary dishes you can expect to find at Blue Star.