The_wreckThe photo to the left shows Kent Bates outside his house on Shoal Creek cleaning up some of the wreckage after his classic 1965 Ford Mustang was hit by another car. The incident happened yesterday evening around 6:30. Apparently, an older  lady came around the bend not expecting the parked car. Kent doesn’t normally park one of his two classic mustangs on the street. However, he’s having his trees trimmed and parked the Mustang on the street to protect it from falling limbs. Kent said a couple of people have stopped to express their condolences, one of which was a bike rider who commented that given the car was in the bike lane, the collision could have been with her. (Maybe the City should put a permanent fixture extending from the curb…never mind). Insurance will cover the repairs but Kent wasn’t optimistic it will cover the full cost or that the repairs will adequately restore it.