Weather_1A new weather station has been
installed in North Allandale. Its location is between Anderson and
Ohlen and between Burnet and 183. To see weather reports from this
station, go to
and enter either Austin, TX or 78757. A listing of weather stations in
the area is presented. The new station is called North Allandale. Click
on the link
to get current weather information. There is also another
link on the search results page that says "View the Personal Weather
Stations for this area using Google Maps". Click on this link to get a
map showing icons for all the weather stations in the area. The icons
show temperature, windspeed, rainfall, and humidty. You can zoom in or
out and toggle between a map view and a satellite view.

Victor Engel [Email address: brillig #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]
(owner of the North Allandale weather station)