Three zoning issues: subdividing the lot on 6100 Bull
Creek, Dry Dock Seafood permit request for a late night hours permit, and rezoning
of a lot on Montview from single family residence to commercial comprised the
bulk of the August meeting discussion.  What
follows are the minutes from the 7/27/06 ANA Executive Committee Meeting.

Gretchen Vaden called the meeting to order. The following items were discussed:

Zoning issue – 6100 Bull CreekRecap: Allan McMurty and several
neighbors are looking into the request by the owner to resub the lot at 6100
Bull Creek
(divide the existing lot to make two lots). Patrick Manley, Executive Committee member
and neighbor, spoke with the owner – his plans are to build a 2100+ sq ft
courtyard home on each of the two lots.

26 update:
Mark Herron submitted a plan to the city to resub/divide the lot
at 6100 Bull Creek to the Zoning and Platting Commission on July 18th. Neighbors spoke at the meeting

voicing their
concerns over impervious cover, flooding and drainage. The Commission suggested that the neighbors
involve the neighborhood association to mediate the differences and return to
Zoning and Platting on Aug 15. The
neighborhood association offered to participate in June when learning of this
issue with the lot but at that time the neighbors weren’t ready to move

This week several neighbors
expressing their concerns about the resub contacted the neighborhood association. The neighborhood association invited Mark
Herron, the owner of the lot and Allandale resident, to come to the Executive
Committee meeting July 26 and present his plans. Mark purchased 6100 and 6102 Bull Creek. He has remodeled and sold the home at 6102
Bull Creek and had plans to renovate the existing home at 6100 Bull Creek but
it was beyond repair and has been demolished.

Originally there were three
parcels, only two of which were large enough for homes. Between the two homes was a small pie shaped
piece of land. Mark straightened the property
line between 6102 and the pie shaped piece of land – the straightening did not
change the lot’s street frontage, only the back portion of the lot – this has
been approved by the city. 6102 Bull
Creek has street frontage of 80′. The
resub of 6100 will leave one lot with street frontage of 75′ and a total of
10,700 sq ft; the second section of the lot will have a street frontage of 67′
and a total of 9,700 sq ft. Each lot
meets the original deed restrictions and is larger than the standard City of Austin
S-2 (single family) lot zoning requirements.

Mark is planning a 2500 sq ft courtyard style home on the smaller lot
and a 2700 sq ft home on the larger of the two lots, keeping in mind setbacks
and making sure these homes are set back on the lots in keeping with the
surrounding homes. There is a question
as to the parameters used by the city to determine that impervious cover is not
a problem for these two lots. Mark said
he is willing to work with the neighbors to reduce impervious cover and to consider
adding rainwater harvesting to the home. City staff has studied the flooding/drainage issues in this area. In Dec 2003 the city held a meeting
concerning this problem at Covenant Presbyterian. At that time they said money for the
remediation of the drainage ditch between Bull Creek and Woodview would be part
of the 2006 Bond Election. The storage
facility on Burnet Rd is a large part of the flooding/drainage issue.

Executive Committee will call a special meeting August 7th @ 7PM Yarbrough Library,
to bring all parties together prior to the Aug 15th Zoning and Platting
Commission meeting to try and work out a compromise between Mark Herron and the

Zoning issue – Drydock Seafood 5800 Burnet RdRecap: Drydock Seafood (formerly Asian Buffet/Romeo’s/Pancho’s) is pursuing a permit to
allow it to remain open until 2 am. The
Allandale Executive Committee has sent a letter to the city opposing the late
hours. Allandale does not have a
neighborhood plan in place, which could restrict late hour permits. This will be addressed during the
neighborhood planning process. To date,
Knight Real Estate Corporation, the owner of the shopping center, has not been
responsive to neighborhood problems, which include lighting, noise, parking
behind the building, trash, and vagrants.

Per Drydock’s representative, Monica Moore, the owner is talking about
posting the area behind the building as a tow away zone, and there will be no
back entrance to the restaurant for patrons or employees. She also stated that
she felt the owner would be willing to stipulate in the lease that there would
be no live music in the restaurant, other than karaoke.

Employee parking will be at the front of the
parking lot along Burnet Rd. There is a
front patio for smoking only. No one on
the patio will be served food or alcohol, in keeping with TABC guidelines.

HEB has a restriction in their lease stating
there can’t be a cocktail lounge in the shopping center, so over 51% of the
sales at Drydock have to be from food. Drydock is designed for casual seafood dining. Jane Ross, a neighbor behind the center, will
set up a meeting with Gail Johnson, the owner of Drydock.

July 26 update by Jane Ross: Jane met with Gail Johnson to discuss
neighborhood concerns and Gail’s plan for Drydock. Jane discussed the neighborhood concerns with
a late night permit and problems associated with the center management company,
Knight Real Estate Corporation. Gail
discussed his plans for the restaurant. Initially, Jane didn’t feel that there would be room for
compromise. But after their discussion
of neighborhood concerns with the management of the center and the list of
complaints the neighborhood would like addressed, Jane felt that there could be
room for compromise between Gail and the neighborhood. The neighborhood association would like to
see a win-win resolution. John Keohane
is skeptical that the other neighbors would be willing to compromise.

Zoning issue – 5513 Montview Recap: this is a deep SF2 lot behind commercial
property on Burnet Rd. The owner is
requesting that 2/3 of the lot that backs into the Burnet Rd commercial
property, be changed from SF-2 to CS (commercial services) with a conditional
overlay; leaving the remaining small section of the lot on Montview SF2.

July 26 update: Ann Young said the businesses along
Burnet are moving closer to the single-family lots in the neighborhood. She said the city seems to accept the
historical line separating commercial and residential along Burnet Rd and she
thinks the staff recommendation will be to deny the zoning change. Pat motioned that the Executive Committee
send a letter to city staff opposing the zoning change from SF2 to CS. Wendy seconded the motion. All voted in favor of the motion.

Planning Process – Next Steps. Gretchen will invite Mark Walters, Zoning and Brewster
McCracken to the Oct.  neighborhood planning/executive committee meeting to
answer questions related to the planning process, Allandale/Highland Park West
Balcones Area NA boundaries, and what teeth the plan will have once it is in
place. As it stands now, part of
Allandale is included in the Rosedale neighborhood planning area. Major roadways, as opposed to the actual
neighborhood boundaries, divide planning areas.

Deed Restrictions, Street Frontage and Resubs. General questions were raised before and during the
executive committee meeting as to how many lots in Allandale have street
frontage of at least 100′ and is there a way to determine all the deed
restrictions that apply in Allandale. Does Allandale want to consider how to approach resubs as a part of the
neighborhood planning process?

Timing of Neighborhood Planning Process. Steve Zettner stated a number of businesses along
Burnet are in the process of being sold, and by the time Allandale finishes the
neighborhood planning process it will be too late for a number of these
properties. Gretchen asked Steve if he
would set up a Burnet Rd committee to go out and talk to developers along
Burnet Rd. Several people offered to
help Steve in this process.

North Burnet/Gateway Planning Meeting. The North Burnet/Gateway planning area comprises 2300
acres bordered by 183, Braker, MoPAC, Walnut Creek and Metric. The area is larger than downtown Austin and
UT. This is a combined effort of Austin
citizens, business owners, the City of Austin and a team of land planners,
urban designers and transportation consultants. It is envisioned that this area would become a mixed used development to
include both commercial and retail businesses, as well as multi-family
dwellings. This area has a proposed
population of 25,000 residents; at present there is only a handful of
apartment/condo complexes in this area. There is a Capital Metro rail station and a proposed ASA rail station in
this area. The planning effort is
underway so that a neighborhood/development plan will be in place before the
area becomes too developed. As you can
see by driving down MoPAC, the development in this area has already begun. The projections are to have the plan to city
council for their approval by the end of the year.

Upcoming Newsletter. There was a brief discussion of articles for the
September newsletter.

August Meeting. The library has moved the Allandale August meeting to
Aug 30th @ 7 pm – so this meeting will be an Executive Committee meeting

Next General Meeting.  September 27th is the General Meeting for the
Allandale Neighborhood Association.

Gretchen Vaden adjourned the meeting.