What follows is a letter sent to residents on Shoal Creek Boulevard regarding the new sidewalks being installed on both sides of Shoal Creek. The photo to the left is a section of sidewalk recently installed along Koenig.

Dear Resident:

The City of Austin Public Works Department will soon start a project in your neighborhood to repair/replace or install new sidewalk, curb and gutter, retaining walls and handicap ramps on Shoal Creek from 38th Street to Foster. Both sides of Shoal Creek will have continuous sidewalks within these limits. We are addressing this letter to you as we may have certain work, including the installation of new sidewalk, on the City’s right-of-way at your address. We will be both marking (with orange highlighting) our proposed alignment of this sidewalk as well as attempting to contact you prior to when work will commence to address any right-of-way conflicts that might exist at your location such as sprinkler systems, architectural lighting or landscape improvements.

Although the City is not required by law to assist with relocation work on the right-of-way, we will make every effort to both coordinate this with you and provide relocation work as possible. However, we are also providing this letter so there is an understanding that if we provide help with this effort, such as relocation of plants, that all subsequent responsibility is with you, the owner, including maintenance, water and any replacement if necessary. Providing this service as a courtesy, we cannot be responsible for replacement of lost plants.

We will also be pleased to visit with you about the preferred alignment of the sidewalk at your address although we will have some constraints due to handicap requirements, existing utilities, city specifications & other criteria. Please note that some locations between these project limits already have existing sidewalk and depending on their width and handicap accessibility, they may or may not be replaced.

We will attempt to minimize any impact our work has upon you and please feel free to call our Civil Engineer, Imad Salem, P.E., @ 296-3932 or the City’s Project manager Darryl Haba, @ 974-7205 if you have any questions or comments before or during construction.

Also we would like, if you don’t mind, a contact number where you may be reached during the day if there are any unexpected questions or problems. Please also include a specific address and name if you leave a voice message. You may leave a voice message at 974-7205, or e-mail your requests or concerns to darryl.haba [Email address: darryl.haba #AT# ci.austin.tx.us - replace #AT# with @ ]

The City of


would like to thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

SincerelyMichael Curtis
Program Manager (974-7056)
City of Austin Public Works Department