Allandale_map_plan_members_1Allandale is a great neighborhood. Help out with steering  its evolution.

We will be participating in the City of Austin’s neighborhood planning process later this year and invite you to join in. Those interested can begin learning about neighborhood planning in Austin by attending the upcoming monthly meetings devoted to this initiative at the Yarborough Library. The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, July 26th from 6:00 to  7:00. 

We have invited Dr. Patricia Wilson, Graduate Professor at UT’s School of   Community and Regional Planning, to share her insights on successful neighborhood planning. Dr. Wilson just concluded a semester-long project with her graduate class entitled "Ten Years of Neighborhood Planning in Austin," that concluded with a Neighborhood Planning Conference held at City Hall in April. The class compiled some very good information from interviewing representatives from other Austin neighborhoods that have gone through the process  as well as from researching successful neighborhood planning efforts elsewhere in the country.

Last month was the kickoff meeting for Allandale’s planning  initiative. The red dots on the  map above show where some of those who signed up to participate are in the neighborhood. We want to make sure we have broad participation.  I’ll update the map as the group grows. Join us on Wednesday and get on the map. You can also sign up for the planning group listserve here.