Today before noon,
the City Council completed approval of new site development regulations for
single-family and other non-multi-family residential development. The vote was
7-0 (all council members in favor). These regulations go into effect on October

One amendment was made to the ordinance they considered. The
name of the residential design commission was changed to the "Residential
Design and Compatibility Commission."

The Council also extended and modified the interim
regulations, which are currently in effect and will remain in effect until Oct.
1. The interim regulations are the same as those adopted on March 9 but the
front yard setback averaging system in the March 9 ordinance has been replaced
with the averaging system proposed by the Task Force that will go in effect on
Oct 1.

New front yard setback averaging system: The minimum front
setback is the lesser of the setback prescribed by Section 25-2-492 (25 feet in
SF-2 and SF-3) or the average of the setback of as many homes, up to 4, closest
to the subject lot on the same side of the block. In the case where there are
no adjacent houses within 50 feet of the front lot line on that side of the
block, then the 4 homes across the street that are the closest will be used to
establish the setback average.

The ordinance they approved is online at,
save for the name change of the residential design commission.

The Council also approved the other items that allow the Task
Force to continue working on issues that they were not able to address in the
past few months (see items 72 and 74 online at

As always, more info at

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