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ANA Executive Committee Meeting 5-24-2006

Gretchen Vaden, President ANA opened the meeting.

John_kellyJohn Kelly, VP DMJM Harris – gave an update on the Loop
1/MOPAC Corridor Project. The proposed
interim project involves the possibility of adding one managed lane on each
side of MOPAC from the river to Parmer Lane. The project has to show a need for increased capacity in order to
proceed with the sound walls. If at the
end of the project the collective decision is that no improvement or increased
capacity can be undertaken, then there will be no sound walls. The outcome hinges on the ability to increase
capacity on MOPAC.

If the study shows a
need and the ability to increase capacity on MOPAC, then the sound wall phase
of the interim study will begin. The plans
for the sample sound walls to be constructed along Bull Creek are in the
development stage. Residents and
businesses whose property directly abuts TxDOT’s right of way will vote sound
walls. If the majority favors sound
walls, then the project will go forward. The environmental review will be finished by next fall and potential
construction of sound walls could begin in 2008. The proposed plans will have to meet the
National Environmental Policy Act guidelines. The long-range study into the needs for MOPAC in the next 20-25 years
will begin after the interim project. Committees made up of neighbors, businesses, and commuters will provide
input for the project.

Gloria Pennington and Leslie Christensen brought up the
issue of the ball moss in the oaks along Shoal Creek south of
Allandale/Northland. Per Gloria, the
grant request submitted to Keep Austin Beautiful for turned down. Gloria will submit a grant request to the Austin
Parks Foundation. Leslie & Gloria
have meet with Max Moore & Jake Culber – Parks & Rec dept City of
Austin. They agree there is a problem
with the ball moss in the oak trees and yes they will provide some help. The city will begin by trimming out the dead
wood in June/July of this year, we will then be able to see how much ball moss
is left in the trees. Leslie has been
looking into sprays that can be used, but due to the fact that this area is a
watershed area there aren’t any sprays that can be used. Leslie is still looking into this aspect –
she has contacted the EPA & Texas A&M. Removing the remaining ball moss will be very expensive; the city can
provide manpower for one day. Per Shane
Partain, City of Austin – there are 110 trees along Shoal Creek in need of
trimming and ball moss removal. The city
said it would listen if the Allandale Neighborhood would partnership with the
city. Shane said that he check with the
tree trimming companies that have contracts with the city, to see if they would
volunteer men and equipment. In addition
to the ball moss problem, there is a problem with soil erosion. Tom Linehan suggested checking into what
could be gained by changing the area from a greenbelt to a park. Gretchen will check with the city council and
the Travis County Extension office, for their input. Leslie & Gloria will work with the city
arborists and the grant work they are doing. The board would like to find someone that can help the Neighborhood
Association develop a comprehensive plan for controlling soil erosion and ball
moss that will carry into the future to protect the oaks and the creek.

Wendy Wilson discussed the tagline contest. Wendy gave everyone attending the Executive
Committee meeting a ballot. The tagline
contest was undertaken to promote the great neighborhood website developed by
Tom Linehan – The Allandale Reporter It was suggested that the web address go
across the back of the t-shirt. Wendy’s
husband Peter Eckert will design the t-shirt. Thank you Tom & Wendy & Peter for this great project.

Cynthia Keohane, Allandale’s rep to ANC (Austin Neighborhood
Council) discussed her roll with ANC. If
there is an issue Cynthia needs to vote on, she must bring it up before the
board/executive committee. If time is an
issue, then she can email the board/executive committee. If there is not opportunity to contact the
board/executive committee, then she will not participate in the vote. Cynthia will update the board/executive
committee/neighborhood on the meetings. We thank Cynthia for volunteering to be ANA’s rep to ANC.

Paul Nagy & Jeff Franks will clean up the ANA by-laws
for the September General Meeting.

The meeting was adjourned.