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The request for a late night permit at Allandale Village is on the ANA Executive
Board agenda for 7:30–8:00 PM Wednesday, June 28, at the Yarborough Library on Hancock
  Drive. Monica Moore, agent for the business owner, has agreed to attend and
present her client’s plans.

The owner is Gail Johnson, who owns Canary Hut Pub, Canary
Roost Pub, Ego’s, and The Pub in Round Rock. The new restaurant is slated to be a combination restaurant and karaoke
bar, called The Dry Dock at Canary Nest.

This permit would allow the restaurant/bar to operate until 2 AM daily. Without the permit it can stay open until midnight.

Neighbors who live close to this property are concerned that
a late night permit would lead to an increase in crime, noise,
and drunkenness around the Allandale Village shopping center and particularly in the rear of the property where it backs up
to the neighborhood. They
welcome a good restaurant in the space but want to avoid the problems that are
likely to come with the late hours permit.

The meeting with the owner’s representative is intended to help
identify any points of compromise, should compromise prove necessary, as well
as to build a bridge between the neighbors and the new business owner.

The City of Austin case manager for this case is Senior Planner, Kathy Haught: kathy.haught [Email address: kathy.haught #AT# ci.austin.tx.us - replace #AT# with @ ], phone 974-2724.
The Case Number is SPC-06-0007A. The case may come before the City
Zoning and Platting Commission as early as July 18. The city will send a notification letter to
all “stakeholders” – neighbors and business owners within 300 feet of the
restaurant – in advance of the meeting.