HybridThe good news is Northcross will be getting a  facelift. What may not be such good news  for some is Wal-mart is being mentioned as part of the new face. Northcross Mall has been languishing for some time with many of the stores vacant or occupied by tenants not typically found in a retail  mall.  Yesterday the Austin American-Statesman reported on the planned redevelopment speculating that Wal-mart may be on the list of new tenants. Reactions from the neighborhood based on discussion on the ANA listserve are mixed. Some support the idea, some are strongly against it, and others would welcome Wal-mart’s presence with conditions. Not sure ANA would have a say in the matter. It doesn’t appear a zoning variance will be required because the mall is already zoned commercial. Other than the reporter who interviewed ANA’s president, Gretchen Vaden for the article, no one is asking for the neighborhood’s input. What is clear is Dallas-based Lincoln Property is purchasing the mall and is well underway with plans for its redevelopment. Anderson and Burnet Rd is a  prime mall location. Wal-mart has not publicly said they are considering the location. The design for the new development is expected in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.