from the Allandale listserve:

SidewalkAll that remains to be done on the Allandale Sidewalk
Project is to complete the corner at Marilyn and Allandale. Some traffic signal
conduit needed to be lowered so that it would not conflict with the sidewalk.
This was being done yesterday and should be completed today. We should complete
the sidewalk at this location by Friday.

We are on site trimming back shrubs and tree limbs,
replacing dead sod and miscellaneous site clean up. We have some railing being fabricated for the retaining wall
at Shoal Creek and Allandale but it will take about four weeks to get done.

I hope the residents are happy with the final product. Once
we complete the corner of Marilyn and Allandale, the residents will be able to
walk safely on both sides of Allandale from Burnet to the other side of MOPAC.
We installed some ramps and cut through the existing medians to allow people to
walk under MOPAC and access the facilities on the west side of MOPAC.