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Allandale T-Shirts are In

They’re Here! The official 2006 Allandale Neighborhood t-shirts are in and ready for purchase. Thanks to Wendy Wilson and her husband Peter Eckert for the design and having them printed. The t-shirt displays the winning tagline submitted by Kathleen Vale...

Is there a Wal-mart in our Future?

The good news is Northcross will be getting a  facelift. What may not be such good news  for some is Wal-mart is being mentioned as part of the new face. Northcross Mall has been languishing for some time with many of the stores vacant or occupied by tenants...

Notes From May ANA Executive Committee Meeting

submitted by Kay Newell

ANA Executive Committee Meeting 5-24-2006

Gretchen Vaden, President ANA opened the meeting.

John_kellyJohn Kelly, VP DMJM Harris – gave an update on the Loop
1/MOPAC Corridor Project. The proposed
interim project involves the possibility of adding one managed lane on each
side of MOPAC from the river to Parmer Lane. The project has to show a need for increased capacity in order to
proceed with the sound walls. If at the
end of the project the collective decision is that no improvement or increased
capacity can be undertaken, then there will be no sound walls. The outcome hinges on the ability to increase
capacity on MOPAC.

Outcome of Planning Commission Meeting

from a post to the listserve from Chris Allen

Hi Neighbors:

Last night, the Planning Commission (PC) voted to forward a
statement of issues and recommendations to the City Council, requesting that
Council grant the Task Force more time to finalize their recommendations.

The following recommendations were included as part of the
PC motion:

– Recommend a FAR of 0.4 for single-family structures and a
FAR of 0.5 for duplexes and garage apartments.

– Recommend the building envelope as proposed by the Task