Any blockbuster sequel with a roman numeral III at the end
of its title is only as good as its featured villain. Let’s be truthful, if
only to ourselves: we’ve seen the heroes
before. We know they’re fighting to save our nation. We know they will be
betrayed. And we know they will prevail in the end. We love them still, for all
their sameness. But in any slick, big-studio sequel, the only unknown is the
new bad guy. So, amid the same old barrage of automatic gunfire and explosions,
the Mr. Wizard gadgetry, the heart-stopping, acrobatic stunts, the threat of
death on a deadline, and the wholesale destruction of billions of dollars in
government property, M:I III is very lucky indeed to have Oscar-winning Phillip
Seymour Hoffman to kick around. Not since, well, Phillip Seymour Hoffman as
Truman Capote have we seen a character who is as cold, heartless, and willing
to sacrifice the lives of others to get what he wants as Owen Davian, the
really, really bad guy of M:I III.  (Continue reading Mission Impossible III…)