Some satires, like Network, hold a mirror up to
society and say, "Here is what you look like. Hate yourself." Other
satires, such as American Dreamz, hold up a fun house mirror and say,
"How ridiculous you look! So let’s all have a good laugh and find a way
out of this carnival!" But writer and director Paul Weitz (About a Boy,
American Pie
) backs away from labeling American Dreamz a
satire. In fact, stealing a line from
famed playwright (and sometime satirist) George S. Kaufman, Weitz said,
"Satire is what closes on Saturday night. American Dreamz is a
comedy." Regardless of what genre you think it should occupy, American
is a bittersweet, funny film — maybe a satire, maybe not — that
takes aim at American politics, Middle Eastern terrorists, and the cultural
phenomenon of reality TV. Never mind that the gun is firing rubber bullets.
They still sting, if only occasionally. (Continue reading American Dreamz)