Central Tx. Electric Lawnmower Program

Gas-powered lawnmowers are a large source of both ozone-forming and greenhouse gas emisssions. Upgrading your lawnmower from gas to electric is a simple way for you to help improve air quality.

The Black and Decker cordless electric model (CMM1000) will be  $339.00 + tax (a discount of $108.00) and the corded electric model  (MM575) will be $145 + tax (a $54 discount). ONLY on Saturday May 6th at the Home Depot at 3600 So. IH 35 (Austin) to get these prices when you trade in your existing gas-powered
lawnmower. Without a trade in the prices will be: CMM1000 – $399.00 + tax and MM575 – $179.00 + tax.

Some features of electric lawnmowers are:
1)     Exhaust free (only minor emissions produced from the generation of the electricity)
2)     Cordless model available with electronic ignition (electricity costs are $5.00/per year)
3)     Mulching models, no bagging necessary
4)     No oil/gas needed
5)     No tune-up needed (batteries last for 5 years or more)
6)     Cordless model runs about 75 minutes and cuts up to 1/3 acre (15,000 square feet) on a single charge
7)     Very quiet (you are able to mow on Sunday mornings)
Formore information, please call Scott Johnson at 447-4595 or go to www.cmpbs.org/electriclawnmower