Last night one of our resident’s house was broken into and a purse stolen. Here’s the email posted to the listserve:

"Our house was broken into last night.  My wife’s purse was lifted.  We live on the corner of Marilyn Drive and Sara Court.  The door to the garage and the back gate was left open."

The Neighborhood Watch folks on Great Oaks Pkwy just south of Hancock near 45th St. also reported   a recent series of thefts:

On May 3, 2006, at 1:20 PM, Charlotte or Tim Bailey wrote: "We had a
break-in on Great Oaks Pkwy on Monday.  We also had a bike stolen from
a driveway on Great Oaks a week ago and a kid’s motorized jeep two
weeks ago. The neighbors did not report it.  But they will now..even
after the fact.

I contacted our APD District Reps and they said there have not been
any reports of crime since all the
construction has started on Shoal Creek and 45th Streets.  Below is
what Officer Munguia said for neighbors to do..even after the fact.

I am sending this e-mail to ask you to get the word out to those on your e-mail lists to always report
stolen items (by calling 311) so that APD can track increased crime and patrol these areas efficiently.
After talking to APD on the phone they said neighbors should make crime reports from as long as 6 months ago.

Thank you, Charlotte Bailey,

Neighborhood Watch Rep for Great Oaks Pkwy