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Bike to Work Day

Friday was Bike to Work day. Some of you may have noticed the Bike to Work breakfast station set up on Shoal Creek at the entrance to the Far West bridge. I stopped by around 7:15 to visit. There were a number of such stations set up around the City for the annual...

Dog Talk: Dogs Talk!!!

By Cheryl Silver , (512) 454-7219

How big is your dog’s vocabulary? The more you recognize and understand your
dog’s communications, the better for him and for you.

Dogs use complex communication to avoid physical conflict
and much of that communication is manifested in body language–it may be accompanied by vocalizations. Sadly, I have seen people scold their dogs
for communicating and I have seen people attempt to communicate with their dog
in ways that will undoubtedly make the dog think that their person is a bit on
the demented side….sigh.

Nelson Puett

Nelson Puett, owner of Nelson Puett and Associates on Burnet Rd, died Sunday. You can learn about him in today’s Austin American-Statesman,  find his obit here and view/sign his online guest book here . The photo on the left  was taken in 1955, one...

Upcoming Hearings Related to McMansion Ordinance

May 16, Tues
– Planning Commission Public Hearing, 6:30 PM, Town Lake Center (Austin Energy building), Assembly Room (1st floor), 721 Barton Springs Road (near the South First Street intersection).

May 25, Thurs
– City Council Public Hearing, 6:00 PM,
City Hall Council Chambers
City Hall is located at 301 West 2nd Street. Free public parking is available in the City Hall parking garage, which must be entered from the Lavaca Street side.

What follows is a note from Chris Allen posted to the listserve regarding progress of the Single Family Task Force: 

Movie Review: Mission: Impossible III

Any blockbuster sequel with a roman numeral III at the end of its title is only as good as its featured villain. Let’s be truthful, if only to ourselves: we’ve seen the heroes before. We know they’re fighting to save our nation. We know they will be...

Violet Crown Festival

The Violet Crown Festival, a community event put on by the Brentwood and Crestview neighborhoods took place yesterday from noon til 7 p.m. (Not sure if it lasted til 7:00 since that was about the time the rains came.) I showed up a little after 4:00 to catch Bruce...

Retail Center Update

The retail center under construction at 6800 Burnter Rd  is progressing along nicely according Sam Buford, the center’s developer. To date he has four tenants: the Allandaler Veterinary Clinic, a small liquor store, a check cashing store, and a jewelry...

Movie Review: American Dreamz

Some satires, like Network, hold a mirror up to society and say, "Here is what you look like. Hate yourself." Other satires, such as American Dreamz, hold up a fun house mirror and say, "How ridiculous you look! So let’s all have a good laugh and...