HazmatA call to the City about a suspicious package delivered to a house on Bullard Drive brought out a small army of police, fire, and hazmat crews. They spent the better part of an hour sizing up the situation. The area was getting taped off and both entrances to the street closed to traffic before the investigation was halted. Turns out the suspicious package with a return address of Dubuque, Iowa was a small tube containing a MazdaSuspicious_tube key – part of  a promotion sent to households around Austin. The sigh of relief came after one of the neighbors talked to the owner, learned what the investigation was about, and made the connection. She received one of those tubes as well. An investigating officer on the scene remarked that the discovery saved the arrival of several more emergency crew members heading to the scene.

The resident’s concern was not totally unwarranted. It has to do with the resident being associated with controverial remarks  made at  a recent science conference. None of the neighbors watching  the event unfold left disappointed with the outcome, except perhaps the City’s emergency crew, or maybe not.