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Commanders Forum, last Monday night, in Hyde Park,
was a good time to meet with police.

Allandale residents present included Phyllis Brinkley,
Steven Zettner, Cynthia Keohane, and me. I’m getting to be something of a regular at these commanders
forums. This was my third or fourth one.

Our own neighborhood officer, David Crowder, was not back
yet. He was in a bad accident, and is
expected to go on limited service soon. I recognized the police lieutendant, Vanderwege, from previous meetings. He introduced me to Sergeant Patrick
South. I introduced Steven Zettner to
South. South will see to staffing until
Officer Crowder is fully back in service.

The Central West district of the Austin Police Department,
is basically from I-35 west to the city limits, and from Town Lake north to Anderson  Lane, excluding downtown.

Commander of Central West is Commander Calvin Smith. Two major things mentioned by Commander Smith:

1) Shoal Creek Boulevard. This came out, almost immediately from him,
and was not generated by any questions. He said he could put police on Shoal Creek
  Boulevard, and had at times. Citizens should know if they request this,
that the police will be writing tickets, and they will be writing them to your
children and your spouses.

2) Property crime. This is the most frequent crime in our area. Particularly a problem with cars in shopping
centers. Suggestion: Keep things
hidden. Kids will break out a $500
window to get $5 of CDs.

I want to encourage more of you to go to Commanders
Forums. It is good opportunity to share
ideas and interests with police, in a non-crisis atmostphere. The police always provide plenty of beef and
bread. Some, myself included, bring a
dish to share (my last two times, much appreciated chocolate cookies).