Mobil_gas_stationThis is a photo of the Mobil Gas Station that used to be next to Home lumber and accross from where Amy’s Ice Cream is now on Burnet Road. The picture was taken at the stations’s grand opening in June 1956. It closed in 1985. I spoke with David C. Wallace, the owner. He said he bought the station from Magnolia Petroleum after moving here from Waco.

The station was originally built in anticipation of FM 2222 running by
it. That didn’t happen. Consequently, Mr. Wallace was able to negotiate
favorable terms on a 30-year lease.  He eventualy exercised his option
to buy. If you look closely, you’ll see Magnolia on the front of the
station. Magnolia Petroleum was a large oil company that also owned and
operated a number of gas stations around Texas and neighboring states.
At the time it was part-owned by Mobil Oil Company which explains the
Mobilgas sign. Mr. Wallace, who lived on 5000 block of  Shoal Creek, said
when the station opened,  Home Lumber, owned and operated by the Bomar
family, was one side of it and  a watch and clock repair shop on the
other. Of course, Home Lumber is still there run by the original
owner’s son, Frank Bomar.