Allandale_flood_maps_1FEMA just released the new floodplain maps for Austin and surrounding areas for review and comment. There have been a couple of articles recently about the maps and their implications.  Here’s one from the Statesman and another from News8 Austin. For those of us who live close to Shoal Creek the new maps could mean you will need to buy flood insurance, or perhaps, you no longer need it. Thanks to a posting by Roy [Email address: r #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ], who alerted the listserv of their existence and for having located the one that includes Allandale (big file).  (continue reading…)

There is a 90-day review and appeal period on the maps. For more information go to the City’s website.

I also asked Roy if he could help me understand what’s in the 25 year vs. the 100 year floodplain. Here’s his response:  "Pretty much all I’ve got is what’s there and also the Travis County page (

As I understand it (and I’m no expert, but also back to the
creek and needed to mess with the special flood insurance last year),
Zone AE is the "100 year" line (really "1% chance per
year"-line) and Zone X is outside 100-year line, but still subject to flooding. Insurance rates in X are lower than AE. The basics are if your house moves
into a proposed flood zone, get flood insurance before the maps
become permanent and you can get grandfathered in on the old
non-flood-zone rate."