submitted by Paul Nagy [Email address: pdnagy #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]

Curb_island_removalHere is the response from Sondra Creighton, City of Austin,  with separations to show her response which she put in the middle of my original email:

Nagy – Now that the curb islands are being removed, when may the stakeholders
expect to be briefed on the proposed plans for additional signage and street
markings before they are finalized?

Creighton – As you are aware, Council has directed staff how to proceed. No changes are being made to the markings which is  are  accordance with the citizens top vote. Signs will be installed in accordance with staff recommendations noting the outside lanes are not for driving.

Nagy – There is concern that drivers will now consider the boulevard to be a four lane roadway. What specifically will be done to direct drivers not to drive along the curbside lane?

Creighton – As you know, drivers currently drive in the outside lane. Signage will be posted to let drivers know not to drive in the outside lanes.  Thanks.