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The new floodplain maps are out

Allandale_flood_maps_1FEMA just released the new floodplain maps for Austin and surrounding areas for review and comment. There have been a couple of articles recently about the maps and their implications.  Here’s one from the Statesman and another from News8 Austin. For those of us who live close to Shoal Creek the new maps could mean you will need to buy flood insurance, or perhaps, you no longer need it. Thanks to a posting by Roy, who alerted the listserv of their existence and for having located the one that includes Allandale (big file).  (continue reading…)


Susan Frank Tripp (Matthew McConaughey) is thirty five years old, gainfully employed, commitment-phobic, and happily living with his long-suffering parents who tend to his every need. He pays no rent, contributes nothing to the household, and brings his dates back to...

Call for more code compliance inspectors

Hi Neighbors,


After the meeting at the Yarborough
Library with the City’s Single Family and Duplexes Task Force member, Chris
Allen; one of the other Task Force members and I had a discussion. To acquire
more code compliance inspectors being hired, he recommended having people post a
request on the city’s new Task Force, go to, asking for more
code compliance inspectors. The Task Force will pass this on to Council. The
only way that code compliance inspectors go out to inspect is by receiving a

Ginny’s Little Longhorn Saloon

Little_longhorn_saloonLive Music – Beer – Pool. That’s what the sign on the door
says at Ginny’s Little Longhorn Saloon at 5434 Burnet
  Rd and for over 40 years that’s what they’ve
always served up. Located between Arbor Auto Works and Texas Futon on west side
of Burnet Rd, it’s one of
those places that doesn’t call out much attention. Most people probably drive
by it and never notice. But it has a loyal following and can pack them in when you
have bands like Dale Watson playing.

Won’t Be Long Now

Won’t Be Long Now

Sidewalk construction on the south side of Northland appears to be moving along at a pretty good pace. This morning they had sidewalk in place from Shoal Creek Blvd up to Shoalwood and looked ready to pour cement up to Wynona. Darrl Haba from the City of Austin Public...