from Julie Strong [Email address: julie.strong #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ], Public Works Department, City of Austin

On February 13, the Land Use and Transportation Subcommittee voted unanimously to recommend Shoal Creek Boulevard restriping Option 3 to Council. The latter option was favored by stakeholders in the fall balloting process. Option Three provides for 10-foot shared-use shoulders for parking and cycling on both sides of the street, and 10-foot vehicle lanes, one in each direction. In other words, the existing configuration of the roadway between 38th Street and Foster Lane will remain as it is today.

As you may recall, Council asked staff at the September 29 Council meeting to seek additional input from stakeholders on restriping the roadway and to return to Council with that input through the Land Use and Transportation Subcommittee.

Next Steps: Staff will return to Council in March for approval of the restriping plan. If Council approves, the curb island removal and any “spot” striping needed for maintenance purposes will take place soon thereafter. Change out of obsolete signs and new appropriate signs will occur at the same time.