As I was out riding this morining, I noticed a few of these signs at the entry points to the off-leash park along Great Northern. I recalled seeing this post to the listerve last week. I’m guessing  Jerre vet’s communication to the City may have had something to do with this.

"We once took our dogs to the off-leash Great Northern
park. We permitted our dogs to wade to
their hearts’ content in the pond until they were both diagnosed with this
parasite last fall. Our vet researched
it thoroughly including communicating with the city. If you have questions you could probably call them (Allan
Veterinary Clinic) at 454-6719.

Such a pity since our dogs love to get in the water. It is difficult to keep them out of the pond
if we take them to the off-leash park and let them off their leashes."

Jerre Heaton
Allandale Neighbor