Getting_started_1I was so impressed at Kay Newell’s vegetable garden (see Diary of a Spring Garden)  that I asked her to help me out with mine. She agreed to and I plan on chronicling the experience right here.

I have a small garden plot in my backyard but have never succeeded in getting much to grow. I admit I know very little about gardening other than planting and watering. Kay’s 20 years experience will change that.

Our  first meeting took place earlier this week. I asked her to come
by, look at what I had to start with and advise. Her first observation
was the location of the garden in my yard may not provide enough sun. I
want to grow tomatoes  which need about 8 hours of sun a day.
Looking at placement of trees in my yard she thinks that may be a
problem. (Hmm,  I may need to trim a few limbs but that can wait.)

It’s too early to plant a vegetable garden but not too early to
begin preparing the soil. Step one she suggested is to gather up the leaves in my yard and till them into  into the garden and let them compost over
the next couple of months. She also gave me the following links to
helpful websites:
The Natural Gardener
The Dirt Doctor
Austin Organic Gardeners
Texas Master Gardener
Gardening Calendar

Well, I spent part of the afternoon raking leaves and digging them into
the soil. I plan on completing the process this weekend. Then it’s a
matter of waiting until planting time. That will give me a chance to explore her recommended web sites. Feel free to contribute your comments. More to come.

Tom Linehan