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I have now been zoning chair for the Allandale
Neighborhood Association for seven days.  Today I met with top representatives
of three churches along 2222. 

I just got an email from one of our
11 board members asking about my meeting at one of the churches.  I wrote a
short email to the board member who wrote me, and decided to post this to the
www for all to know, since I want to be as open as possible with everybody, and
do not have time to individually report to board members other than the
president.  Forgive me if you find this boring or redundant.

initiated the meeting for reasons mentioned below, with the same topics in
       1:00pm  Rev. Bobbi Kaye Jones, Senior Minister, St. John’s UMC
       3:00pm  Mr. Fred Clement, Business Manager, Covenant
Presbyterian Church
       4:00pm  Rev. Kermit Bell, Senior Minister, Church
of Glad Tidings

With each, I had a get to know you meeting and for
each, the same three topics.

Have no doubt, that I want to
reconsititute the zoning committee, and that I want to have volunteers as eyes
and ears and voices, throughout our neighborhood on zoning issues.  I also want
to take whatever prudent steps we can now, to see that we do not have an overly
expanded, or elevated, Allandale Road.

I’ll gladly initiate meetings
with any other churches in our community.  Email me [Email address: keohane #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ].


John Keohane
Zoning Chairman
Neighborhood Association
keohane [Email address: keohane #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]
  (512) 371-3853

One page flyer, presented to each meeting today, follows:

“Modern city planning includes . . .  limitations on the use of private
property.  A property-owner is not permitted to ruin a residential neighborhood
by turning his dwelling into a factory or a garage.  Such restrictions are
called zoning.   Zoning laws illustrate the need of surrendering freedom to do
what one pleases with one’s own property in order that all may gain greater
freedom or enjoyment.”

From the high school textbook, “Government in
Action”, by Keohane, Keohane, and McGoldrick, Harcourt, Brace and Company, New
York-Chicago, 1938, page 398

John Keohane, as a volunteer, is
new chair of the zoning committee for the Allandale Neighborhood Association. 
Churches are neighbors.  Residents are neighbors.  Not all neighbors will always
agree on everything, but we have some interests in common.

R. M. 2222, known as Allandale Road when it goes through Allandale

the past,  there have been proposals to widen it, to elevate it, to do other 
things which, it seems to me, would be harmful to both your church, and the
nearby  residents.  I wanted to meet you, when there is not a current crisis on
this road.

Building and reconstruction under current
zoning.  Our zoning is not worth anything, unless it is enforced.  I’m new to
the volunteer job of zoning chair, but I know that there is enough to do,
without doing it all myself.  I want neighbors, including members of your
church, involved in monitoring building and reconstruction, and I want to get
many people involved in learning about zoning here in Austin.

3. New
development.  Some of that is good for the neighborhood.  Some might not be.  I
personally think the new Amy’s Ice Cream, at Northland and Burnet is an asset. 
We won’t all agree on everything, but we need to work together, toward
neighborhood and neighborly consensus, on the various proposals, often including
proposed upscaling of zoning, which will come our way.

and Cynthia Keohane moved to Austin in 2003, and leased for a year at 5800
Wynona Avenue, in Allandale, just south of R. M. 2222.  They later bought the
house at 5702.  Cynthia is an analyst with the (leaving out of this www
posting).  John is a tutor in mathematics, who picks bakeries in Austin as sites
for most of his tutoring.

John Keohane
5702 Wynona Avenue
Austin, TX  78756
keohane [Email address: keohane #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]
(512) 371-3853