To Center City Neighborhood Leaders:

As you’re probably aware, last
Thursday Council passed a resolution directing staff to develop some SF
compatibility standards/new development regulations to limit scale and avoid
having scraped lots sprout super-sized McMansions that are happening all around
Central Austin.  I’ve heard an estimate of 2 months for these regs to be

This Thursday, (Feb 2) the Council will consider an ordinance to
establish interim development regulations for single family uses that will put
temporary measures in place while the new regs are being developed.  This is a
critical tool that would check the rush of building applications that want to
beat the new standards that are in work.

Already, on Friday, I heard that
rush was beginning, so these interim regulations are key.  The interim standards
may however elicit significant opposition.  Therefore it’s imperative that
Council hear from those who support them, and that Council understand that there
is a lot of support for the interim regs.  So please let council know you
support these interim measures (if you do) and pass this info on to your
neighborhood groups and any others I’ve missed (see below) and ask them register
their support doing any and/or all of the following:

Email Council
Council Members and the Mayor
Sign in down at Council Chambers FOR Item 18
(you can do this as early as Monday)
Show up at the Council Meeting on
Thursday 2/2  and sign in FOR Item 18
Pass the info on to others who support
these measures and ask them to do the same
From the Agenda: 18.   Approve an
ordinance establishing interim development regulations relating to the
construction of single family uses and the redevelopment of land on which single
family uses are to be constructed including floor-to-area ratios, maximum height
limitations or other regulations to ensure that development is compatible with
existing neighborhoods, providing for an expiration date, and declaring an
emergency.  (Council Member Brewster McCracken, Council Member Betty Dunkerley
and Council Member Lee Leffingwell)
Laura Morrison