Lewis_lnThought this might be of interest to others in Allandale.  What follows is a discussion from Rosedale’s listserve that took place last week regarding the razing of buildings  for construction of new duplexes  (see photo above). However, in this case they are replacing duplexes with duplexes, albeit much larger duplexes built by Metrohouse. You can see an example ofMetrohouse their style in the photo to the right. It’s one of Metrohouse’s  recent developments located on Woodrow just north of Koenig.

Dialogue from Rosedale Listserve (I received permision from the authors to include their comments in this posting.)

I took a different path on my walk today and saw the 3 empty lots on the 4000
block of Lewis Lane.  What are the plans for those lots?

The building permits show that the three lots are slated to become "Metrohouse" duplex condos.  You can see their work at:


<SIGH>… and so it begins… I wonder what we are going to look like
in 10 years? Maybe they will be a little more "traditional" with their
Rosedale properites?

who was rather fond of the little non-descript duplexes

I figured those little duplexes weren’t long for this neighborhood. Browsed the Metrohouse website. Ugh. OK, so I’m not fond of the industrial look, but this is the antithesis of traditional. I guess it could be worse…

I toured their units at 4905 Woodrow during the American Institute of Architects tour and thought they were great.  I was particularly impressed with how they put two homes into one lot while retaining a sense of private outdoor space for each.  The unit in the rear was especially creative, with a large screened porch that became part of the living area by opening an industrial roll-up door.  In contrast to McMansions, the units had ample off-street parking, too.

I went to the web site, and these looking like the monstrosities that
are being built in Tarrytown on the street that is one south of 35th
(Northwood I think)- these are foul ugly examples of the greed culture
that is just being allowed to sweep our country.  I too rather have
the little dumps that at least don’t stick out as eye sours.

In my opinion, this is the right way to achieve density: with a lot of thought about efficient use of space for the homeowners and how to minimize impact on the neighbors.

This dialogue makes me wonder what the residents were saying in 1950 about all the new construction going on in their neighborhood.