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Lewis Lane Development in Rosedale

Lewis_lnThought this might be of interest to others in Allandale.  What follows is a discussion from Rosedale’s listserve that took place last week regarding the razing of buildings  for construction of new duplexes  (see photo above). However, in this case they are replacing duplexes with duplexes, albeit much larger duplexes built by Metrohouse. You can see an example ofMetrohouse their style in the photo to the right. It’s one of Metrohouse’s  recent developments located on Woodrow just north of Koenig.

Say No to Super-Sized McMansions

To Center City Neighborhood Leaders:

As you’re probably aware, last
Thursday Council passed a resolution directing staff to develop some SF
compatibility standards/new development regulations to limit scale and avoid
having scraped lots sprout super-sized McMansions that are happening all around
Central Austin.  I’ve heard an estimate of 2 months for these regs to be

Movie Review – MATCH POINT

MATCHPOINT, written and directed by Woody Allen I have never been a diligent student of Woody Allen’s movies. I have, however, watched his movies for decades, starting with his directorial debut in What’s Up Tiger Lily? in 1966. I thought the movie was...

Austin Public Libraries

submitted by Phyllis Brinkley

Yarborough_libraryThe Austin Public Libraries that are used the most by Allandale residents are the Yarborough Branch on Hancock, the North Village Branch, The Austin History Library, and the Faulk Central Library  (main library downtown). You can get information about the mission, facts, history, and more on the  City’s libraries at the Austin Public Library website. What follows are location and hours of operation of each along with general information about

Zoning Update

submitted by John Keohane


I have now been zoning chair for the Allandale
Neighborhood Association for seven days.  Today I met with top representatives
of three churches along 2222. 

I just got an email from one of our
11 board members asking about my meeting at one of the churches.  I wrote a
short email to the board member who wrote me, and decided to post this to the
www for all to know, since I want to be as open as possible with everybody, and
do not have time to individually report to board members other than the
president.  Forgive me if you find this boring or redundant.

Movie Review – Glory Road

      If anyone reading this review doesn’t recognize the valuable role played by college sports in the collective psyche of a community, then they haven’t been paying attention to college football for the past couple of months. Even...

Statesman Article on Urban Density

For those of you who didn’t catch it, the Austin American-Statesman ran an article in Saturday’s paper, "Austin charts urban population density" by Jeremy Schwartz.  The article included a color-coded map showing relative density within the city but unfortunately the map was not included in the online version. The article is relevant as we begin our neighborhood planning process, a topic that will be covered in our next general meeting, January 25th. What follows are comments from John Keohane taken from his  post to the listserv regarding the article. John is ANA’s new Zoning Chair.

Movie Review – Casanova

I love movies. All shapes
and sizes. But I am especially partial to romantic comedies, as predictable and
stereotyped as they may be. And Casanova falls squarely within the genre
of romantic comedy. But it can be forgiven its small fault of predictability
because it is marvelously written and cleverly acted, with wonderful
cinematography and costumes.
The setting of the movie is mid-eighteenth century
Italy and begins with Casanova as a young boy being bidden farewell by his
mother, an actress, who promises that they will meet again in Venice one day.