121505_ana_exec_mtg_3submitted by Tom Linehan

Having one more liquor retail outlet in the area did not appear to be a  strong concern of the ANA board members in attendance at tonight’s meeting.  The ANA Executive Committee met with developer Sam Buford and prospective liquor store tenant, Lee Cantrell to learn more about their request for CS-1 zoning.

The zoning change will be voted on January 17 by the City’s Planning
and Zoning Committee. If subsequently approved by City Council,
it will allow the liquor store to open in Buford’s  retail center
accross from Curra’s at 6800 Burnet Rd.

As Lee Cantrell explained, the plan is for he and his wife to move
their liquor store to the new location. They have been operating Sun
Liquor in Oak Hill for 5 years and believe the Burnet Rd location will
serve them better. Prior to the liquor store, they owned and operated a
convenience store. Paul Nagy expressed concern saying the area was
adequately served and he did not like having a place that sold hard
liquor in walking distance of the park. A final vote from the ANA
Executive Committee will be forthcoming. With only 6 of the 11 board
members present, there weren’t  enough for a quorum.

With regard to the retail center, Sam anticipates construction to
get underway in January with the first tenant moving in around June,
2006. The Allandale Veterinary Center has  already signed a lease.