The note below is from Chris Allen, Rosedale NA, regarding outcome of 12/01/05 City Council Hearing on proposed zoning change for construction of a 5 story medical office building on Medical Parkway:

Thanks to the help of your neighborhood association (and a few others) and the incredible stamina and patience of the 118 brave souls who showed up and waited 5 hours last night, we prevailed 4-2 on first reading sometime after 12:30 AM.

We have to see what develops between now and second reading, but the victory last night was as shocking to us as it was to the applicant. They were CERTAIN they had the votes, and we were pretty sure they had the votes.

Turns out, politics is funny that way.

We’ll keep y’all posted on what happens in the next few weeks, but meantime, Rosedale wants you all to know how
much we appreciate your NA’s support, your emails to Council members, and your presence at the hearing last night.

It’s good to know that having an Amy’s in Allandale hasn’t ruined you. We thought you’d get all snooty-like and be too cool to hang with us! 🙂


Chris Allen
Rosedale NA