Filming_in_allandale_2Well I didn’t get any photos of Bruce Willis, Patricia Arquette or Richard Linklater. The best I have is this photo of the film shoot that took place 2 days last week on Wynona accross from Lamar Middle School. BTW, the guy in the picture, a member of the film crew, told me they were filming a butter commercial.  Guess no one told him it was really a movie. Anyway, here’s what I know.

The movie they were shooting in our humble neighborhood is a Richard
Linklater ("Slacker" and "Dazed and Confused") movie going by the name
"Coyote". In doing a Google search I came up with this story
from the International Tribune site that says Coyote is just a working
title. The movie is based on Eric Schlosser’s book "Fast Food Nation,"
and there’s a lot of secrecy surrounding it. It’s not a butter
commercial  but appears to have something to do with buttery
indulgences. Here’s another link to a related story
about the filiming in Colorado.  I haven’t come up with any mention of
Patricia Arquette associated with the movie. This isn’t the first time
Allandale has been a movie location. "Blood Simple" was filmed here in
the early 1980s and there were scenes in "Dazed and Confused" filmed at
NW Park. There was also a film shot on Bullard Dr. a few years back.