Brileys_003Have a couch in need of new threads? Remodeling and want to  upgrade your furniture, or just looking for the right  fabric for your favorite chair? Take it to  Briley’s Upholstery Shop.  Briley’s, located at 2117 Northland Dr.,  2 doors  down  from the new Amys, can make it look and feel like new again. The small shop takes in upholstery jobs from people all around Austin – Allandale, Davenport Ranch, Pemberton Heights, Westlake, etc.

Customers learn about Briley’s by referral. Some of Brian’s initial referrals came  from Roger Beasley, a fellow member of the local ski club. Today most of the shop’s referrals come from former customers, interior designers, and people who have heard about the shop’s reputation. They don’t advertise, never have. That says a lot about the shop’s work.

Brian Brileys_002Riley, "BRiley’s," started the business in 1986. He learned the trade as an apprentice in his  hometown of Buxton, England, when he was 16. Brian left Buxton for the U.S. in 1964. He’s worked in the upholstery business ever since. After many years of plying his trade for others, he opened his own shop. Briley’s has been at it’s current location since 1991. In March 2005, Kimberly Sylvan partnered with the former owner of Romeo’s  and bought the business with the caveat that Brian stay on to help out with the work. This arrangement suited Brian who had lost interest in managing the business. Kimberley’s business partner has since moved to Amarillo with her husband. 

Cowden_sofa_beforeCowden_sofa_after_1The small shop has four employees. I visited on a perfect Fall sunny day and the front door was opened wide to let in the fresh air. I walked in and found Brian and and fellow craftsman working on a couple of chairs. The upholstery business, Brian explained,  does not require a lot of equipment or a large workspace. It basically comes down to skill and experience. And that they have plenty of.  (See before and after pictures of a couch above).

Kimberly met Brian first as a customer of his. A resident of Allandale, she had a couple of pieces reupholstered at Briley’s. Her background as a former retail store manager and Dell sales person combined with her creative interests attracted her to the business. While not formally trained in the trade, she helps out with the prep work on many of the pieces. The pair make  a good team.

So if you’re wondering what to do with that chair your puppy gnawed on, take it to Briley’s Upholstery Shop and consider yourself lucky for having the convenience of an upholstery shop right here in Allandale.