Annual reports by attending Neighborhood Associations:

Allandale Neighborhood Association – Kay Newell & Phyllis Brinkley – Curb Islands and working with APD to slow traffic on Shoal Creek; Great Northern plantings by the City of Austin; working with the Parks Foundation and the Cogburn Foundation to remove the ball moss from the oak trees along Shoal Creek from 2222 to 45th, and to plant additional trees in that area; and announced the new Allandale website –

Highland Park West/Balcones Area Neighborhood Association – Frances Allen – Beautification Projects are taking place at the Triangle at Ridge Oak, the Triangle at Balcones & Parkcrest, planting at the Hancock overpass, and clearing shrubs and tress from the Perry Park Quarry with a matching grant for three benches. They have in place sector captains for crime and safety. They have switched to a monthly newsletter prepared by Peel, Inc. There are now sidewalks from Balcones to Perry Ln plus a pedestrian crossing at Balcones & Parkcrest. They are monitoring any potential changes to Brightleaf as it impacts many of their neighbors. A committee has been formed of several NA’s to work with the City Council to revise the code of 6 unrelated people in a residence to a lesser number.

Old Enfield Homeowners Association – Marlene Romanczak – they had their annual picnic at Pease Mansion, the newsletter now goes out quarterly, crime has been up and down – the frat houses are dumping in Pease Park but APD refers these problems to the University police. There is a problem with cut-through traffic; teardowns and zoning problems – they are working on historic recognition. Varsity Properties conversion of homes to college student rentals has caused problems for the neighbors.

WANG – Joyce Basciano – there is concern about the sale of the state school property. There are inappropriate teardowns and development – there is a problem with code enforcement by the City of Austin. Cut-through traffic is a problem. The Friends of Reed Park and Friends of Deep Eddy Pool are working to improve both facilities. Varsity Properties conversion of homes to college student rentals has caused problems for the neighborhoods.

Oakmont Heights Neighborhood Association – Tom Whatley – they have a problem with Lee Properties, which is doing much the same thing as Varsity Properties. A zoning issue at 35th & Jefferson has been resolved. They are questioning what will happen to the TxDOT land along Bull Creek if and when TxDOT moves and a developer buys the property.

BrykerWoods Neighborhood Association – Edward Tasch – they are having a problem with inappropriate development – teardowns and rebuilds that are not in keeping with the neighborhood.  They are also considering a historic district. Cut through traffic has been a problem in BrykerWoods for years. The city neighborhood planning process should happen in the next two years. The Mayor is coming to their Nov 19 NA meeting to discuss development and cut-through traffic.