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Turn in Your Ballot

Turn in Your Ballot

Looks like the City has begun the process of removing the curb extensions (CEs) this past week. As you can see from the picture to the left, the crepe myrtles have been removed.  So much for plans to decorate them this holiday season. Once the CEs are removed, Shoal...

Smiling Pumpkins!

      submitted by Peggy Dieterich, 6601 Argentia Rd.Attached please find a photo from our Pumpkin Carving Party, held last Sunday (October 23). About half of the kids are from the Allandale neighborhood, and the other half are friends from around...

Submit Your Halloween Pictures

Allandale Reporter is accepting submissions for the 2005 Halloween Photo Gallery. Use this link to email photos of your Halloween decorations and/or pumpkin  and I will add them to the Gallery. Please include a caption, date the photo was taken, and street the...

Spotlight on Taco Shack

Orlando_and_yolisubmitted by Tom Linehan

I first saw Orlando at Amy’s Ice Cream the night it opened  in September. He was driving off on a burnt orange Vespa. It was easy to make the connection with Taco Shack because he had the Taco Shack logo emblazoned on the back of the Vespa (see Vespa in picture).

Orlando and Yoli Arriaga, long-term residents of Allandale, are the proud owners of the popular Taco Shack restaurants you see springing up around town. The first one opened up 9 years ago in 1996 on Medical Parkway, just south of 45th St.

MONAC Minutes 10-18-2005

Joyce_basciano_president_monacSubmitted by Kay Newell

MoPac Neighborhood Associations Coalition’s (MoNAC) Joyce Basciano, President called the meeting to order. Joyce asked for approval of the minutes from 7-19-2005,  Sid Covington
moved to approve the minutes and Bill Woods seconded the motion. The membership voted in favor. Joyce then introduced the other MoNAC
officers present at the meeting – Art Arvarkin, VP and Kay Newell,
Secretary. Joyce thanked Marlene
Romanczak and Scott Archer for the refreshments.

MONAC Minutes – 10-18-2005 – Part II

Annual reports by attending Neighborhood Associations:

Allandale Neighborhood Association – Kay Newell &
Phyllis Brinkley – Curb Islands and working with APD to slow traffic on Shoal
Creek; Great Northern plantings by the City of Austin; working with the Parks
Foundation and the Cogburn Foundation to remove the ball moss from the oak
trees along Shoal Creek from 2222 to 45th, and to plant additional
trees in that area; and announced the new Allandale website –

Highland Park West/Balcones Area Neighborhood Association
– Frances Allen – Beautification Projects are taking place at the Triangle at
Ridge Oak, the Triangle at Balcones &