I just goit back from vacation and was going through my long list of

This concerned me and I wanted to let everyone know about
it. Hopefully the TV news and the print news ran with this. For those that
do not know what I am talking about, several people have been robbed by
individuals posing as city workers.  One of the emails described the a
suspect as;

The description of the guy on the news is that he is
between 50-60 years old with gray hair and a short beard.

another email
said the suspect(s) were driving a white official-looking van.

things to remember, all employees should have their ID present, some require
it to be displayed.  Also every city vehicle will have the city logo on the
side.  If anyone, even if they do not match the description above comes to
your door, ask for their ID and actually look at it.  Have them slip it
through a mail slot or under the "locked" door.  Call 311 (unless they put
you on hold or ask to leave a message then call 911)and ask the operator to
contact that particular city agency to make sure the employee at your door is
legitimate.  Keep your doors locked at all times even when

you see a worker in your backyard (ie electric or cable) call 311 or cable
provider and inquire if soemeone is supposed to be at your house, and call
the police if need be.

Be Safe,

SPO David V. Crowder Jr.
Austin Police Department
Central West Area Command