I know there was a lot posted on curb extender and speeders on Shoal Creek Blvd.  There have been some questions raised as to what will be APD’s response on dealing with the speeders.  There is a plan of action being developed.

For those that want to hear what the plan of action will be, Commander Calvin Smith and I will be at the next ANA General Meeting on September 28th at 6pm.  The location will be the Yarborough Library at 2210 Hancock Dr.

I was asked specifically to comment in regards to stop signs.  You are considered “running the stop sign” when you approach and
pass the stop sign greater than walk speed.  Bicycles are not exempt from this.  I personally have written cyclists citations (not in this area) for this violation.

SPO David V. Crowder Jr. #4398
Austin Police
Central West Area Command