TerryMake your auto inspection an experience. If you’re looking for a place to get your vehicle inspected around Allandale, no need to go any further than Burnet Rd., just south of North Loop. You’ve got to be looking for it but just across from Sue Patrick’s  on Burnet Rd you’ll find Terry’s Auto Terrys_inspection_008Inspections. The building is not much bigger than a 2-door garage but the walls are  decorated with photos, bumper stickers,  posters and memorabilia to keep you entertained while  Terry or one of his inspectors take your car through the paces. (more)

Terrys_burnet_rd_1There aren’t many shops
around dedicated to auto inspections. Most auto inspection services are performed at gas stations or auto repair shops. It’s  just another service. So you figure a business focused on auto inspections welcomes the business and probably has figured out how to make it as painless as possible. And my experience proved that to be the case. I pulled in on a
Saturday morning and sat inside enjoying the decor and country music
playing on the radio while my car was inspected. The guys are friendly and efficient and my wait wasn’t long.  To learn more about Terry Sabin and his business read
the recent business profile done by the Austin American-Statesman.

confirmed the best time to get your car inspected is mid-month,
however, due to the change in law that goes into effect September 1
requiring tougher emission inspections and an increase in the
inspection fee, he’s doing more inspections than usual these last few days of August. It’s easy to recommend Terry’s Burnet Rd Auto
Inspections because he’s local, however,  even if I didn’t live in
Allandale I’d probably make the drive to Terry’s just for the