Letter From the Allandale Neighbor Newsletter Editor

6a00d8341c574253ef00e54f3fdb848833-800wiOrdinarily something like the May 11, 2005 Gullett meeting covering the Curb Extensions or Islands of the City of Austin Shoal Creek Blvd. Transportation Project would have had prominent space in our quarterly newsletter, however our layout person was expecting a baby near our print date so the newsletter was formatted earlier than usual and the Gullett meeting did not run. 

There were many comments on the Allandale group list serve after the Gullett meeting. I cannot stress how important it is that interested residents join this group and view the ANA website (www.allandalereporter.org) so that they will stay appraised of what is happening in the neighborhood. The goal is to have residents use this format for timely announcements since our newsletter is only run quarterly. If you are not a member of this list serve, the directions for subscribing are on the bottom part of the 2nd page of the newsletter (we have listed subscription information in our newsletter since the listserve’s inception).

For a history and background of the May 11th General Meeting at Gullett, visit the ANA website, www.allandalereporter.org.

Kind regards, Phyllis Brinkley [Email address: pbrinkley #AT# austin.rr.com - replace #AT# with @ ]