With all the recent posts to the listserv concerning criminal mischief in the neighborhood I went to APD’s crime database to see if crime is up in Allandale. Officer David Crowder provided a link to the site a few weeks ago along with instructions
on how to pull up our neighborhood stats. In looking at activity for the first six months of the year the report shows crime was up in July – 79 incidents vs. an average of 59 per month for the period as a whole. Here’s a tip.

Lock your car. By far Burglary of Vehicles  had the highest count followed by Theft. What I didn’t see on the list, and what we’ve been hearing
about,  was vandalism. Perhaps Officer Crowder can shed some light on
this. It may be reported under a different name. Now before concluding
our neighborhood is crawling with thieves, it’s worth looking at the
details. Here’s the detail
on the burglary of vehicles incidents. You’ll see most
of them occurred in parking lots along Anderson and Burnet lanes.