Keep current on the latest Mopac developments through the MoPac Neighborhood Associations Coalition (MoNAC). The association was set up to "work toward improving and maintaining the overall quality of the neighborhoods adjacent to MoPac."  Allandale is one of those neighborhoods as are 11 others. According to Kay Newell, ANA Board member, MoNAC recently set up a committee to work with TxDOT, et al on upcoming changes to MoPac and the sound walls.

The first meeting was a meet and greet setting up a committe meeting. The last meeting was to see if all the neighborhood association boards agreed on the basic MoNAC statement. Once TxDOT hires their consultants/team, then the real work should begin. 

For people wanting more information about MoPAC, Kay has provided the following list of all the agencies affiliated with MoPAC and its future: